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Tooth gem art continues to grow among people seeking artistic ways of expressing their creativity and individuality. BeDazzled Smilez serves those who facilitate this art form & those interested in becoming tooth gem artists.

BeDazzled Smilez, LLC is the only United States distributor of the Smilegems® self-curing bonding system. Known as the originator of tooth gems, Smilegems, Ltd offers over 22 years of experience and expertise in the tooth gem industry.

Our self-curing bonding system only takes approximately five minutes per client to apply. No UV light is required for our system.

All About Tooth Jewelry!

Tooth Jewelry has been around since the year 2000, but continues to grow in popularity. Tooth jewelry designs are elegant & compliment standard jewelry. When placed on the tooth, the jewelry creates a distinctive expression of one’s individuality.

With a variety of beautiful crystals, you can get something uniquely you! From loud and proud to subtle shine as well as everything in between. We will get your smile looking real cute, real soon!

Looking for inspiration? Have a look at our gallery below to see just some of the possibilities.

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