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NEW Wax Applicators (100 per pack)
NEW Wax Applicators (100 per pack)

NEW Wax Applicators (100 per pack)

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A disposable wax applicator designed to hold crystals & gold gems in place while positioning them on the tooth. 

  • Comes in a pack of 100
  • Cost is significantly cheaper than Pic-N-Stick & other competitors
  • No messy residue left behind
  • One-time use disposable
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Looking for a PDF to print for your clients to pick out gold gems?

About me

Hey there! My name is Brittany, the owner & founder of BeDazzled Smilez, LLC. I am a nurse educator by trade & 3x Certified Tooth Gem Technician. "BeDazzle” should be my middle name. Wearing sparkles & adding bling anywhere and everywhere is simply my life. I’ve always been self-conscious about my teeth. While I’m a very outgoing personality, I was very shy about smiling in public. That all changed when I added a Swarovski Crystal several years ago. I literally sparkle now when I smile! I am passionate about teaching and making sure all clients are provided with top-quality education and services.


Brittany did a wonderful job on my gem! She has a great personality and helped me choose a gem that would fit best for my tooth. The whole process was fast and she goes over everything with you about the care.

I want to say your training was so thorough! I have taken tooth gem training twice and never nothing like what I received from her.
Gem history, reasoning for using lead free gems, and etch on gums; I just learned in ur course after doin them for 2 years.
This was absolutely the best training from start to finish.
Thank u so much! It was worth the money spent. I’ve paid $500 for gem training that didn’t give me half of what I learned during your presentation. I have been using your technique and so far so good. Thank you

Nashville, TN

Brittney is great and very nice! She was able to get me in for an appointment the next day and she did a good job. I would highly recommend if you want a tooth gem with the addition of a great experience! She is also located inside a tattoo/piercing shop so I was able to also get my tragus pierced that same day! Everyone in the shop is upbeat and friendly!

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