Module 1-The History of Tooth Jewelry & What they are

Section 1.1: The History of Tooth Jewelry

The history of tooth gems goes back centuries to the Mayans, who drilled small holes into their teeth & placed gemstones & twine to be decorative. It was performed primarily on men. 

Section 1.2: What is a Tooth Gem?

A tooth gem is a Crystal, Opal, or Dental Gold that is LEAD-FREE. BeDazzled Smilez only supplies lead-free crystals & dental gold charms that are guaranteed to be lead-free. Bedazzled crystals & dental gold charms are to be applied non-surgically & pain-free to the surface of a tooth using our bonding system. We offer a wide range of Bedazzled gems like crystals in several colors & sizes, shapes, dental gold charms in 18kt & 22kt solid dental gold with 100 different designs; some with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, & sapphires unlike many of our competitors. Using the Bedazzled/ Smilegems bonding system is pain-free. The choice is yours to make. Custom designs are available as well, please contact us for details.



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