Module 12: Liability Insurance

When operating a business, liability insurance is definitely something you need to protect yourself & your business. There are a couple of options for liability insurance. The most common are General Liability Insurance & Professional Liability Insurance. We recommend getting both.

General Liability Insurance: This policy provides coverage for customer injuries, property damage, & medical expenses resulting from accidents that occur on your premises. Also protects you if you're sued for libel and slander.

Professional Liability Insurance: Helps cover a mistake made by your business or a wrongful act attributed by you. It helps businesses weather the impact of a significant mistake that may cause harm to a client or customer. Alleged or actual negligence- Protects a business against actual or alleged errors & omissions when providing professional services such as: giving incorrect advice, an omission, or failing to deliver a service.

Companies that insure us are:

Insurance Risk Advisory Group (Our #1, Ask for Suzanne Duff)


Lloyds of London


WM Protection Group



It is your responsibility to find insurance.

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