Module 13: Branding your Business & More

Now that you have all the knowledge about the application of BeDazzled Gems, go ahead & practice on your dummy mouth. Once you feel confident, try practicing on friends & family members. Take lots of pictures to build your portfolio. DO NOT USE PICTURES FROM OTHER ARTISTS UNLESS YOU TAG THEM. 

  • Good business procedures are vital for making your business a success. Once you feel ready to go, think of a name for your new business. You don’t need a website to be successful, but if you want one- check to see if the domain is available. is a great resource. You could also talk to a local small business accountant. Also check copyrights.
  • It’s recommended to get an LLC & apply for a EIN. I recommend or going through a local small business accountant. The EIN you can do for free through the IRS
  • You will want to create a logo for your business. If you aren't a graphic designer or know one, is a great resource.
  • Make a business IG & FB account. When posting, make sure to use the appropriate tags. Look at what other tooth gem artists are using to get an idea of what tags to use. Remember the huge impact of social media & advertising
  • Make a pricing list. 
  • To make content, there are a couple of apps I use to make my pictures beautiful: 

Facetune 2


WatermarkMaker (You want to watermark your pics)

  • Make business cards & promotional items: (Sticker business card)

  • Download Apps for Payment:





  • Its best to get an Accountant & access to a business Rocket Lawyer. Open a bank account once you get your EIN. Then you can get a square card reader & take credit card payments.
  • Make sure you’re tracking how much you spend on your business & how much you’re bringing in. Quickbooks is good for managing that or just an excel spreadsheet. They also have a credit card reader.
  • You can find very cool advertising materials on
  • You can buy all your extra materials like bonds, crystals, dental gold charms, etc from Bedazzled Smilez, LLC
  • I recommend taking deposits when making appointments. Your time is valuable & you do not want to be waiting around for someone that no-shows you. I recommend taking at least a $40 deposit or 50% deposit. Make it clear that if they do not show or contact you within 24 hours, the deposit is non refundable. Have this visually available when you post on social media or on your website.
  • BeDazzled tooth jewelry can be applied anywhere. Festivals, Conventions, Beach, Salons, Tattoo shops, etc. Indoor & Outdoor events. 


BeDazzled Smilez, LLC is proud to be the USA distributor for Smilegems who is the originator/founder of modern tooth jewelry in the world. Smilegems has been offering products for over 22 years to a global customer base including many USA based tooth jewelry companies & multi-retail chains.

WSDHA (Washington State Dental Association) has concluded that bonding Smilegems, LTD to the tooth is not a dental procedure, therefore can be performed by anyone using Smilegems products & training. 

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