Module 2: Our Bonding System & Pricing

Section 2: Our Bonding System

BeDazzled gems continue to grow in popularity. It’s just another way of expressing your individuality. Being a tooth gem artist is a great side business, add-on service, or business all by itself. For example, A nail tech needs approximately 1 hour to complete a full set at anywhere from $60 - $90. Tooth gem application using the BeDazzled/Smilegems self-curing bonding system takes approximately 5 minutes per client. Some bonding systems require UV light.
The bonding system for the UV light takes 10-15 minutes per application. 
The UV bonding system not only takes longer than our self-curing bonding system but many of the UV lights are made in China & NOT tested or calibrated for consistency.

Section 2.1: Pricing

One crystal = $70-$90
Each additional crystal = 2 for $150
Butterfly = $150
Gold Gem = $125-$150
BeDazzled Smilez charges $90 per crystal

Section 2.2: Potential Earnings 



Weekly - 7 days

1 x $70



5 x $70



10 x $70



15 x $70




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