Module 4: Are Tooth Gems Safe?

When performing a BeDazzled gem application, you are guaranteed to get lead-free crystals. When the gem eventually comes off, the client may swallow it. If the gem was not lead-free, your client may face the potential of getting Lead Poisoning & then you could be liable. All BeDazzled gems are tested by leading toxicologists who have reported that there is no risk if a Smilegems/ BeDazzled tooth jewel is swallowed. It will simply pass through the system in the normal way with no adverse side effects.

With this being said, do not be tempted to purchase any cheaper crystals. For example, a craft store may not guarantee they are lead-free. Even if it says Swarovski, there are different crystals they make that may not be lead-free. 

BeDazzled Smilez provides no shortcuts to professionally applied bedazzled gems due to our high standards; Lead-free crystals, 100 different dental gold charms that are 18kt, 22kt, and 24kt gold with some having diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, which are unlike some of our competitors.

If the dental industry & multi-retail chains have trusted us for over 20 years, so should you.

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