Module 8: Tooth Gem Removal & Tooth Gem Issues That May Arrise

8: Tooth Gem Removal

Always inform your clients if they would like to remove their BeDazzled gem, the safest way is to go to their dentist. Most dentists & hygienists can remove them during your 6-month teeth cleaning depending on your location. If the client is adamant & wants to try to remove it themselves, they can attempt by running floss under the gem on the side only. Do NOT have them run the floss up towards the gumline or down as the gem could get embedded into the soft gum tissue. Side to side only. We strongly recommend you do not do this for your client.

There may still be left over bond after removal that will need to be buffed off by their dentist at their next visit/cleaning.

8.1: Reasons Why A Gem May Fall Off Sooner Than Expected

This could be due to several reasons. Natural Acidity of the saliva & diet. Excessive stress on the gem like eating crispy, sticky, & hard food. Drinking a lot of soda. Not following the aftercare. The Bedazzled gem was applied to an unnatural tooth. Excessive force when brushing may also reduce the longevity of the gem. If a gem was applied to the tip of the tooth, they tend to come off faster.

8.2: What Should I do if the Crystal will not stick to my Client's Tooth?

  • First check that the ETCH has been left on for the stated amount of time & the white frost has been seen. 
  • Has the client had any recent dental treatments on the tooth such as fluoride or whitening? 
  • Has the client wet the tooth when you weren’t looking? 
  • The tooth must be dry. If after checking the application procedure & trying an alternate tooth doesn’t work, then there is an explanation.
  • A few people have a very high mineral content on their teeth, which makes the tooth repel the bonding agent. Some may say they had experienced problems in the past when the dentist tried to apply braces. The best course of action would be to offer them a retail DIY kit.

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